Market Street Steakhouse opened its doors in August of 2006. The owners had a vision to help revitalize Redding’s aging downtown. With a little bit of luck, hard work and determination they have been able to become exceptional restaurateurs.

Together, Kenny Breedlove and Wes Matthews have been able to offer Redding a high end dining experience. Their hands-on approach is the real secret, but their credentials are more than apt. The result is a burgundy and black motif with hardwood flooring, backed by an array of high-end food and mixed drinks. Components like Guinness balsamic reduction and whiskey bacon shallots allow you to customize your steak. With the recent addition of American Wagyu Kobe beef patrons can enjoy a steak that cuts like butter.

Market St. Steakhouse proudly serves U.S.D.A. Prime and Reserve Choice beef. These two grades make up the top 8 percent of all beef served in the U.S. Their thick-cut, Mid-Western, corn-fed beef is aged at least 21 days for maximum flavor and tenderness.

However, perfect steaks fill just one page of the Market Street Steakhouse menu. With dishes such as: Stuffed chicken breast, maple glazed pork tenderloin, gourmet salads and daily fresh fish specials there is a little something for everyone. For those of you with smaller appetites Market Street Steakhouse features any array of appetizers that you can enjoy at the bar or at your table.

The bar is fully stocked with some of the finest tequila's, single malt scotches and Cognacs aged up to 100 years. The wine list boasts a selection of 75 unique wines, from the best regions in the world.

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1777 Market St - Next to the historic Cascade Theater